Crafted with care. Styled for impact. Introducing the New UI.

What is New UI?

New UI is a comprehensive design system solution for SaaS apps, prioritizing simplicity, scalability, and timelessness. We handle your product design needs, providing all the necessary UI foundations and components to scale from zero to millions of users.

Ideal for startups and growing companies who need high-quality, easy to customize, well-structured, and easy to maintain design foundations.

Guiding principles

  • No-compromise craftsmanship. Focus on every detail, no matter how small. Craft each element with the highest quality, ensuring experiences that are simple, scalable, and timeless.

  • Universal and accessible. Design for all. Everyone should feel welcome and empowered. Prioritize accessibility, embrace diversity, and ensure everyone can experience effortlessly.


@planetabhi, created and maintains the New UI. This includes the Figma libraries, web components, packages, documentation, templates and more. Dive into our docs for more information and see why adopting the New UI is the future for startups and growing companies.

Getting started for designers

Learn how to use our Figma libraries, components, and other resources by reading our guide to getting started for designers.

Getting started for engineers

Get started with New UI by checking out our engineer’s guide. It’ll teach you everything you need to know, so you can focus on the important stuff.