Colors are now one less thing to worry about.


Install New UI Colors from your terminal via npm.

npm i @new-ui/colors


// Place this at the top of your SCSS/CSS file
@import "@new-ui/colors";
<!-- Add this attribute to html wrapper -->
<html data-new-ui-theme="light">

Available themes

Theme Value
Light (Default) light
Light warm light--warm
Light cold light--cold
Dark (Default) dark
Dark warm dark--warm
Dark cold dark--cold


Crafted with care, the New UI color spectrum is rigorously tested and validated for accessibility, removing color concerns from your plate.

New UI Colors Spectrum


Background Role
--background Default app background
--background-secondary Secondary app background
--background-hover Background hover
--background-selected UI element background
--background-selected-hover UI element background hovered
--background-high-contrast High contrast background
Border Role
--border-muted Muted strokes and separators
--border Default strokes and separators
--border-strong Strong strokes and separators
--border-inked Inked strokes and separators
--border-inverse Inverse strokes and separators
--border-focus Focus outline
Button Role
--button Primary button background
--button-hover Primary button hover
--button-active Primary button active
--button-disabled Disabled button background
Icon Role
--icon-primary Primary icons
--icon-secondary Secondary icons
--icon-disabled Disabled icons
--icon-on-color Icon on interactive colors
--icon-inked Inked icons
Link Role
--link Primary link
--link-hover Hover state for primary link
--link-subtle Secondary link
--link-visted Link visited
Support Role
--support-error Error
--support-warning Warning
--support-success Success
--support-info Information
Text Role
--text-primary Primary body copy
--text-secondary Secondary text color
--text-secondary-alt Secondary text color alt
--text-placeholder Placeholder text color
--text-on-color Text on interactive color
--text-error Error message
--text-success Success message
--text-inked Inked text


Complementary colors are shown on opposite sides. When used alongside each other, each complementary color is optically intensified.

New UI Colors Combinations